Dividends4Life: Don't Touch These 5 Dividend Stocks!

Don't Touch These 5 Dividend Stocks!

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Has someone near and dear to you responded with a 'I was only trying to help' after royally messing something up? Have you ever tinkered with a computer, smart phone or something else only to learn it no longer works and you are not sure how to fix it? Our dividend stock investments can suffer the same fate if we provide them with too much of the wrong type of attention.

We live in an action-oriented world. In a microwave society that provides us instant everything, we look for immediate feedback for our actions. Sometimes it is hard to abide by the old adage 'if it's not broke, don't fix it', but when it comes to our dividend growth stocks, we need to allow time to work its wonders on our portfolio. If our investment horizon is forever, we must do our due diligence up front and select only the very best stocks. Below are several stocks that have earned the patience of many investors in dividend growth stocks...

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