Dividends4Life: This Stock Offers 5% Yield, Strong Dividend Coverage, Attractive Growth, Pays Monthly

Healthcare REITs are poised to profit from an increase in life expectancy, and higher institutionalization rates. In fact, the older people get, and the more assistance they need in old age, the stronger the profits for healthcare REITs will be. This stock is a high quality healthcare REIT. The REIT profits from a strong network of operator relationships, is highly diversified. Though I think shares are fairly valued, strong dividend coverage and potential for growth support the bullcase. It pays a 5 percent yield, pays monthly.

LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE:LTC) is an interesting income play in the healthcare REIT sector. LTC Properties invests heavily in the growth of its real estate portfolio, and has good dividend coverage. Though shares are about fairly valued, LTC Properties makes for a good income vehicle with a monthly dividend distribution. An investment in LTC Properties also comes with a 5 percent dividend yield. LTC Properties has invested a lot of money in the growth of its real estate portfolio, which will likely pay big dividends down the road.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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