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The 3 Best CEFs for Growth and Dividends

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Closed-end funds, or CEFs, are another innovation in tradable securities that have popped up in recent years. CEFs are somewhat similar to mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, but have a few important differences. Unlike those other two investments, CEFs raise capital by going public in an IPO, and then invest that capital according to its prospectus. Usually, the portfolio is highly targeted by the investment manager, and its price will move just as the price of a stock does.

The best CEFs may be trading at a discount and can also represent value, thus they give investors a chance to find some growth with their capital, as well as the high dividends. With that in mind, the following are the best CEFs for growth and dividends. Best CEFs to Buy: Nuveen Diversified Dividend & Income Fd. (JDD), Diversified Real Asset Income Fund of Beneficial Interest (DRA) and Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund (AOD).

Source: InvestorPlace

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