Dividends4Life: Income Investor Alert: Why Not Buy This 7% Yielding Preferred Stock?

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Preferred stock are highly underrated income vehicles. Preferred stocks have attractive risk-and-return features that income investors can profit from. This investment of preferred stock offers a superior yield and safety than the REIT's common stock, plus this preferred stock yields almost 7 percent.

VEREIT's (NYSE:VER) Series F preferred stock, which pays on a monthly basis, looks like a good buy for income investors that value stable dividend paychecks and a high level of principal safety. VEREIT's Series F preferred shares come with a whopping 7 percent dividend yield, and the dividends are about as safe as they come. The last two years were quite eventful for VEREIT. After the REIT's accounting scandal in 2014 and a swap of top management, VEREIT has made a comeback, and not only in terms of investor sentiment.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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