Dividends4Life: Best Monthly Dividend Stocks For High Income

Best Monthly Dividend Stocks For High Income

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Monthly dividend paying stocks have become increasingly popular over the years, and investors are constantly on the lookout for the best monthly dividend stocks good reason. A monthly dividend can be a great way to help pay for living expenses in retirement, or simply act as a way to compound one’s wealth faster through more frequent dividend reinvestment. But while the number of monthly dividend stocks has grown well into the hundreds in recent years, investors need to be extremely selective about where they invest their hard earned money.

That’s because the world of monthly dividend paying stocks is a minefield packed with terrible value traps just waiting to destroy your wealth. In fact, most monthly dividend stocks score dangerously low using our Dividend Safety Scores. In this article, you will learn about seven of the best monthly dividend stocks that potentially represent attractive long-term investments and discover three types of monthly dividend stocks to avoid. While quality monthly paying dividend stocks are few and far between, some do exist. Here are seven of the best monthly dividend stocks for investors to consider. Six of the stocks are REITs, and one is an internally managed BDC: Realty Income (O): Yield 4.4%, LTC Properties (LTC) Yield 4.8%, EPR Properties (EPR): Yield 5.4%, Stag Industrial (STAG): Yield 5.9%, Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT): Yield 6.1%, Apple Hospitality (APLE): Yield 6.1%, Main Street Capital (MAIN): Yield 7.7%

Source: ValueWalk

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