Dividends4Life: A Top Dividend Stock Yielding 5.14% in the Real Estate Sector

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Dividend stocks have many different categories, such as high-dividend-yielding stocks and monthly dividend stocks. But the most difficult ones to find are top dividend stocks. A top dividend stock would be one that sees a dividend being paid out and increasing over time. One such company doing this is...

Brookfield Property Partners LP (NYSE:BPY) stock. Shares of this stock are currently trading at $21.77 and yielding 5.14%. What’s more, the company has been paying an increasing dividend since becoming public in 2013. The real estate company’s goal is to have the dividend continue to increase annually. It also anticipates appreciation between five and eight percent each year. (Source: “Overview,” Brookfield Property Partners LP, last accessed December 23, 2016.) Using excess cash flow from traditional operations, Brookfield has also repurchased outstanding shares throughout the year at an average price of $21.42.

Source: Income Investor

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