Dividends4Life: A High-Dividend Stock Yielding 5.79% from the Retailing Sector

A High-Dividend Stock with Dividend Growth Possibilities - An income investor’s ideal stock would likely be a high-dividend stock with future dividend growth prospects. However, finding such a company can be quite time consuming and difficult. Also, the investment must make sense from a valuation perspective.

A company that would meet this criteria and that continues to reward their shareholders is GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) stock. A consumer electronics retailer specializing in video games, the current yield for GME stock is 5.79%, based on the current trading price of $25.52. GME stock would also be considered a dividend growth stock as well. The dividend, reviewed annually each February, has increased 25% since 2013. And with a payout ratio of 39.15% of earnings, there is a possibility of further dividend hikes in the future.

Source: Income Investor

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