Dividends4Life: Earn 5.6% from This Recession-Proof Stock

Earn 5.6% from This Recession-Proof Stock

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When it comes to recession-proof businesses, the names that dividend investors tend to find are large-cap, blue-chip companies. However, such names being picked is usually part of a herd mentally, with people investing in the same companies as other dividend investors. However, after a little bit of hard work, I’ve found a company that would be considered a small-cap company that is recession-proof. It would be considered part of the conversation of blue-chip companies.

The company is Orchids Paper Products Company (NYSEMKT:TIS). Operating in the manufacturing of tissue products, which are considered recession-proof, TIS stock’s market cap is $255.66 million. Over the past five years, shares of TIS stock have moved higher by approximately 64%, while sales revenue has increased by approximately 73%. With higher sales revenue, gross income, the revenue after factoring out the cost of goods sold, has seen an increase of 81% over this period as well. Dividend investors that held the stock over this period saw an increase of 75% to their payout. Currently, TIS stock is considered to be a high-dividend stock, with a current yield of 5.59%. This is based on a quarterly dividend of $0.35 and the shares trading at $25.04.

Source: Income Investors

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