Dividends4Life: Potentially Earn 9.5% from “Uncle Sam”

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Potentially Earn 9.5% from “Uncle Sam”

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In life, one of the guarantees is that if you earn a dollar, a part of it will go to taxes. So I asked a few family members the secret to their success; the advice that was given to me is to work smarter rather than harder. One way of doing so is by being a dividend investor. When conducting my research for a quality high-dividend stock, I found...

Rather than taking some of your wealth and paying the government, Government Properties Income Trust (NASDAQ:GOV) stock will actually see them paying you. Government Properties is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that serves as the U.S. government’s biggest landlord. Currently the real estate portfolio consists of 71 properties located in 31 states. There are 37 different government agencies which contribute to earnings which make GOV stock one that shouldn’t be ignored by dividend investors.

Source: Income Investor

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