Dividends4Life: 2 Special Dividend Stocks For 2017

2 Special Dividend Stocks For 2017

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So what exactly are special dividends? A special dividend is a one-time payment a company can distribute to shareholders for a number of reasons. There are few companies that pay special dividends, but correctly finding and investing in companies with upcoming special dividends is a savvy way for investors to pad their returns.

The candidates from this list were sourced by two main criteria. First, they should have a track record of paying special dividends since so few companies engage in the practice. Second, the companies in question must also exhibit the balance sheet flexibility to do so once more in the near-term. In both regards. Here's 2 companies that appear to be strong contenders to pay a special dividend in 2017. T. Rowe Price (NASDAQ:TROW) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) are strong candidates to pay special dividends in the year ahead.

Source: Motley Fool

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