Dividends4Life: Dividend Stock Yields 9%, Pays Monthly, 20% Below Book Value

What's your risk profile? As investors, we get paid for taking on risk, but it's a constant battle of vigilance and reassessment since risk is a moving target - it moves around the world, and even moves around in individual countries. This stock yields 9.29% and has paid monthly dividends since 2006. It's selling at 20% below book value. It's a top industry player with no energy exposure.

In addition to its monthly payouts, this lack of exposure to Western Canada was one of the factors which piqued our interest in BTB Real Estate Investment Trust (OTC:BTBIF), which is a commercial REIT that is based in Eastern Canada. BTB trades on the Toronto exchange under the symbol (BTB.UN), and in the US, under the symbol BTBIF. The "F" at the end of BTBIF's code indicates that it is a fungible stock, which means investors can either trade it in the US or on its foreign exchange. Yahoo Finance also lists BTB as BTB.UN.TO.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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