Dividends4Life: Diversification And Dividends? Time To Consider This 5% Yielder

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Investors are continuing to push into equities to boost their dividend yields. Some of the more intriguing dividend yields are currently being offered by overseas equities. There are added risks that come with individual higher yielding global equities but the diversification benefits should help lower overall portfolio risk. In this article, I'll profile an international dividend equity fund yielding 5% that deserves some consideration.

When investing globally, I prefer ETFs that focus on stable companies rich on cash flows, fair valuations and a history of rewarding shareholders with solid dividends. One of the funds I like in the foreign equity space, and one I think investors should consider now, is the iShares International Select Dividend ETF (NYSEARCA:IDV). Like many iShares ETFs, it offers investors a broadly diversified, low cost portfolio. Its exclusion of Japan from the fund is a positive and it has one of the best dividend yields available.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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