Dividends4Life: 6 Stocks to Buy With Dividends Yielding More Than 6%

Right now savers would be lucky to earn a measly 1% on money in the bank as a result of the currently low interest rates. That said, with inflation averaging 1.1% over the past year, they would be losing money by keeping it in the bank. There are better options out there for those looking to earn a higher yield, though that bigger reward does come with more risk. Here are six stocks that yield more than 6% for investors willing to take on the added risk...

All six companies have one thing in common: They own real assets that generate relatively steady cash flow, thanks to long-term contracts or predictable sales. Seaspan Corporation (NYSE:SSW), for example, currently operates 103 containerships, which it leases to customers under long-term time charters. ONEOK Partners (NYSE:OKS) and Medical Properties Trust (NYSE:MPW) operate similar fee-based businesses, underpinned by long-term contracts. Sunoco LP (NYSE:SUN), Alliance Resources Partners (NASDAQ:ARLP), and StoneMor Partners (NYSE:STON) have vastly different business models and therefore don't have quite the same long-term cash flow stability.

Source: Motley Fool

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