Dividends4Life: 4 Safe, High-Yield Dividend Stocks Selling at Big Discount Right Now

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Value investors like to preach the gospel of buying good stocks at great prices. Excellent wisdom, but with the stock market breaking into new high territory lately, the challenge is not so much where to find good companies but where to find safe dividend stocks at great prices. Here are four large cap stocks that could be of interest for retired dividend investors. Each has at least a 3% yield and a one-year total return no better than -20%. These are interesting investments to consider for our Conservative Retirees dividend portfolio.

If you are in the UK or one of 170 countries, the name BT Group PLC (BT) is as familiar its predecessor, British Telecom. The former government-owned telecom utility is now into offering a full compliment of fixed-line, broadband, mobile and Television products and services. Coca-Cola Partners PLC (CCE) represents the European bottling and marketing for the Coca-Cola Company, which is one of Warren Buffett's favorite dividend stocks. The company offers the five-major brands: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta and Capri Sun to a 13-nation customer group comprising approximately 300 million potential customers. Metlife (MET) is one of the oldest and most enduring companies in America, drawing its origins to 1863 in New York City. UBS Group AG (UBS) is a $37 billion revenue-generating machine providing financial services to high net worth individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Source: The Street

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