Dividends4Life: Retirement Strategy: 3 Dividend Themes Still Ripe For The Picking

This is evidenced by the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (NYSEARCA:VYM), which printed a new all-time high today, and now yields less than 3%. This run-up in high-yielding assets has been terrific for dividend stock holders, but going forward, we are in a world where high yield means 2.XX%. What should we do? We still see opportunities. Here are three dividend themes that we think are still ripe for the picking, plus two honorable mentions.

1st Ripe Dividend Theme: Fertilizers - Two quality stocks that can be had near the bottom of the cycle here are CF Industries (NYSE:CF) and Compass Minerals (NYSE:CMP). 2nd Ripe Dividend Theme: Food - Armanino Foods of Distinction (OTCPK:AMNF) is our favorite play here, and is still our choice for the Best Dividend Growth Stock in the market. 3rd Ripe Dividend Theme: Hospitality REITs - REITs have surged as rates have fallen, with no equity exemplifying this as much as Realty Income (NYSE:O), which is up 50% in the last year, and now yields only 3.42%. That yield was well over 5% only months ago.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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