Dividends4Life: 4 Growth Dividend Stocks While Markets Choose Direction

Stocks generally offer either modest/low growth but pay good dividends or high growth but against little or no dividends. It’s sort of a double treat to find stocks that offer good growth and do not compromise on dividends. Market speculation is driven by investor sentiment and it is common to adopt a risk-free approach in tumultuous times. It’s like a fight or flight approach for an active market player. Investors can either decide to bet on high-growth, high-risk stocks that can move in any direction or park their money in stable, decent dividend paying but comparatively low-growth stocks. But basically, if an investor is looking for stable gains over a time period, dividend stocks are the best bets.

Overall, there is no clarity on the direction in which the economy will move, how earnings will turn up or markets will perform. While speculation runs wild from recessionary fears to an uptick in earnings, we give you four dividend-paying stocks to invest in amid rampant volatility. We have selected stocks with a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or 2 (Buy), growth score of A, and a dividend yield of 3% or higher. We believe these factors alongside other fundamentals such as PE ratio and expected earnings growth make these stocks favorable picks: Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY), Frontline Limited (FRO), Spark Energy, Inc. (SPKE) and New Media Investment Group Inc. (NEWM).

Source: Zacks

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