Dividends4Life: Undervalued High-Dividend Stock Yields 17%, Has Major Dividend, Revenue And Earnings Growth

This stock yields 17.70%, with a conservative 72% payout ratio based on EPS. It has three straight dividend hikes and raised its dividend by over 600% in the past four quarters. Revenue grew 99%, net income grew 211%, and EPS grew 240% in the past four quarters. This stock is undervalued by many metrics, and is still selling below book value. Looking for undervalued high dividend stocks with strong growth? Try these on for size - they're pretty dazzling...

We last wrote about DHT Holdings (NYSE:DHT) in a March 2016 article in which we pointed out its many attractive features - strong earnings, a high yield, dividend hikes, paying down debt, etc. We figured Mr. Market would sit up and take notice, but, unlike most of the other shipping stocks we've covered in 2016, he didn't bite on DHT - it's down 3 cents since then. But maybe that's OK for us income investors - they say this is the year for value stocks anyway. But it's not so easy lately to find a high yielding stock that hasn't been on a tear in 2016. Just look at preferred shares, for example, most of the attractive ones are above their $25 call values. We feel that DHT is significantly undervalued.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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