Dividends4Life: This Fast Growing Small Cap Monthly Dividend REIT Has A 7.3% Dividend Yield

Today's market is tough. Bond yields were already at historic lows which pushed traditional utility stock valuations to historic highs. Other income-oriented equities like preferred shares and large REITs have also seen their share prices pushed up by lower for longer interest rates. In today's market, it is getting very difficult to find high quality conservative investments with a yield above 4% and even more difficult to find a monthly dividend paying investment above 4%. What is an income investor to do?

One answer is to look for smaller, well managed, fast growing companies that are focused on returning a healthy share of their earnings to their shareholders. This article highlights one such company, Whitestone REIT (NYSE:WSR). WSR is a fully integrated real estate investment trust that owns, operates and redevelops community centered properties. The company focuses on value creation in its community centers, concentrating on local service-oriented tenants.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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