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4 Healthy Dividend Stocks For Your Portfolio

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Portfolio manager William McGough screens for dividend-paying stocks with strong balance sheets for his 50-stock Stadion Alternative Income Fund (TACFX) . And while Microsoft's (MSFT) stock may have been knocked down last month after its third quarter earnings miss, the company's cash hoard and 3% yield put it right up McGough's alley. "The technology sector generally does not have many companies that pay a good dividend because of the nature of the growth aspect of the sector and Microsoft is one of those quality stocks that actually pays a good dividend, so therefor it makes its way in the portfolio," said McGough.

McGough also owns Exxon Mobil (XOM) in the fund. The oil major has bounced back with oil prices in recent months, rising over 14% year-to-date while paying a 3.4% dividend. Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ) shares are up over 11% year-to-date. The health care giant with the 2.8% dividend yield has performed well this year as investors seek stability in consumer staples. Finally, McGough owns AT&T (T), up 14% thus far in 2016, in the Stadion Alternative Income Fund. The telecom giant pays a healthy 4.9% and it is currently an overweight in his portfolio.

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