Dividends4Life: 3 Oddball REITs Paying Big Dividends

3 Oddball REITs Paying Big Dividends

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Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are still one of the best ways to generate income in today’s low-interest-rate environment. Created by Congress as way for regular Joes to own commercial real estate, REITs are required to kick much of their cash flows back to investors in exchange for tax benefits. As a result, most REITs yield in the 4% to 7% range.

These “oddball” REITs still own properties — or at least they do in the eyes of the IRS — just of another type. They offer the same benefits as owning a shopping mall, including those hefty dividend payouts. For investors, looking outside the box when it comes to REITs could do your portfolio some real good. Here are three oddball REITs paying big dividends: Iron Mountain Inc (IRM), Outfront Media Inc (OUT) and Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc (GLPI).

Source: InvestorPlace

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