Dividends4Life: 41 Years Of Dividend Increases And 12% Growth To Come

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The company's CAGR of 12% is high and will give you good growth going forward and keep you well ahead of inflation. The dividend is average at 2.5%, that the company has increased for 41 years making it a dividend growth choice, an aristocrat. As interest rates rise and the labor force increases slowly, The company will prosper and earnings will grow. The company's total return unperformed the Dow average for the 39.5-month test period by 3.83% but was still positive at 30.31%.

This article is about Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NASDAQ:ADP) and why it's a dividend growth investment that's 4.61% of The Good Business Portfolio. Automatic Data Processing is a provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions and business process outsourcing. ADP, with 41 years of dividend increases and the largest in capitalization in the human resources business, is a good dividend growth company. The unemployment rate is at a seven-year low of 253K and with the interest rates being raised slowly by the Fed, ADP will continue its steady earnings growth. ADP is a stable business with the fundamentals being discussed in this article.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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