Dividends4Life: 3 High-Quality Dividend Stocks That Belong in Your Portfolio

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In this era of 1% CDs, finding stable stocks with good dividends is a great way to boost your income generation. AbbVie (ABBV - Get Report) , Cal-Maine Foods (CALM - Get Report) and Royal Bank of Canada (RY - Get Report) are three such stocks and can propel your retirement portfolio forward.

AbbVie is a strong biopharmaceutical stock. It offers a quarterly dividend of 57 cents a share, and the current yield is 3.9%. Although sales of its biggest drug, Humira, narrowly missed estimates in the fourth quarter, they were still at a record high. Egg producer Cal-Maine Foods offers a nice quarterly dividend of 44 cents a share for an annual yield of 5.5%. The company has had healthy demand for its specialty eggs (a category that includes nutritionally enhanced, cage free, organic and brown eggs), and those sales increased to account for 31% of total revenue in the company's third fiscal quarter. Royal Bank of Canada offers a generous yield of 4.1%. This bank has a reassuring four-year dividend growth track record and currently pays a 59-cent quarterly divdiend. The bank grew its annual dividend to $3.08 in 2015 from $2.08 in 2011, an increase of 48%.

Source: The Street

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