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Your Instant 5-Stock Dividend-Growth Portfolio

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Looking for an easy way to boost your portfolio’s long-term returns? Here’s one: buy and hold top-quality dividend stocks—especially those that raise their payouts every single year. Analysis from Ned Davis Research backs that up: from 1974 through 2014, non-dividend-payers eked out just a 2.6% average annual return. That’s barely enough to stay ahead of inflation! Dividend-payers returned 7.7%, which isn’t bad—but why settle for that when you could’ve held stocks that regularly hike their payouts and pocketed a tidy 10.1% a year, on average?

Here’s a five-stock portfolio packed with some of my favorite dividend growers now: Qualcomm, Inc. (QCOM), the world’s largest chipmaker for mobile devices, has tumbled 26% in the past year as investors fretted about a maturing smartphone market and a rising tide of cheap Chinese chips. Duke Energy Corp. (DUK) yields a tidy 4.1% today and has paid a dividend for 90 straight years. Canadian National Railway (CNI) lets you diversify by sector and by country. It boasts 20,600 miles of track, reaching both of Canada’s coasts and stretching down to the Gulf of Mexico. Visa Inc. (V) has an even lower yield than CN—just 0.74%—and an even more gripping dividend-growth story to tell. Verizon Communications (VZ) has jumped more than 20% since I first recommended it back on January 9.

Source: InvestorPlace

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