Dividends4Life: Hidden Stable 9% Dividend Yield And Double-Digit Upside Potential

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this company is a cash producing machine, with a current FCF yield of 16.74%. Furthermore, the company has zero competitors in the Las Vegas market that it serves. Additionally, the company is undervalued on an absolute basis with a stable dividend yield of ~9%. Downside is protected due to the high FCF yield, high cash position and low long-term debt. Recent IR coverage may provide more visibility and upside. The company also has more than enough potential to continue raising its dividend.

Tix Corporation (OTCQX:TIXC) is a ticker broker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since inception, they have sold >13mm discount tickets, offering customers the biggest discounted tickets for every show in Vegas. The company has been serving Vegas customers since 2002, operating out of 11 ticket booths. Finally, TIXC has bought out all competition in Vegas. They are now the only game in town. TIXC is a cash-generating, undervalued microcap. With zero direct competition, the company has more than enough potential to continue producing cash at double-digit margins. Furthermore, the strong balance sheet protects investors from an unwanted/unprecedented downside.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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