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7 Big Dividend Stocks Insiders Are Buying

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Legendary investor Peter Lynch was fond of saying that corporate insiders may sell their company’s shares for a variety of reasons. But there’s only one reason they buy – and that’s because they think the price is going up. Anyone at the director-level or above in Corporate America is considered an “insider” – and it’s perfectly legal for them to buy their own company’s stock. That’s a good sign in general, and especially for the stocks that we’re interested in.

Let’s talk about a few more big payouts being bought by corporate insiders. Seven 7% Dividends With Serious Insider Buying: Five insiders at Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) have accumulated more than 150,000 shares for personal accounts over the last 3 months. Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) is popular with its own management team as well. Earlier this month, ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. (ARR) made an acquisition offer for Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp (JMI). Javelin was trading for just 63% of book value prior to the offer, and Armour offered to pay 87% – which is a 40% premium to current share prices. High-level managers at American Capital Agency Corp. (AGNC), Chimera Investment Corporation (CIM) and Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. (IVR) see similar value in their own share prices, which trade for 82%, 88%, and 69% of book respectively:

Source: InvestorPlace

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