Dividends4Life: 4 Dividend Stocks Superstar Investors Love – and You Should Too

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Investors can do more than just watch the smart money; we can see every stock in their portfolios—and we can do it for free. How? Through Form 13F, which every institutional investor in the US with more than $100 million of assets must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission within 45 days of the end of every quarter. Once they’re in, the SEC posts them on its website, where you can search through them in a snap.

If you view 13Fs for what they are—a snapshot in time and a good place to start digging deeper into a stock—they’re more than worth a look. With that in mind, here are three standout dividend stocks from the latest round of 13Fs (as of the end of the fourth quarter): Honeywell International Inc. (HON), Wells Fargo & Co (WFC), U.S. Bancorp (USB) and Whirlpool Corporation (WHR).

Source: InvestorPlace

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