Dividends4Life: This Stock Will Boost Its Dividend 4 Times in 2016

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Call it China’s revenge—and the sequel to last summer’s horror show is no less terrifying than the original. Just ask the thousands of panicked investors who are, yet again, madly tossing their stocks over the side. But time and again, history has shown you’re far better off buying into hysterical markets like these than selling. But where should you look for safety AND upside? I recommend the good old US of A. By doing so, you’ll instantly dodge two big headaches: the grinding emerging market slowdown and the surging greenback, which is pummeling any profits American companies earn overseas these days.

For an extra margin of safety, hunt for the rarest of breeds: stocks that defy gravity in times like these: Realty Income (O), a real estate investment trust that’s beaten back the New Year’s rout, rising 0.4% year-to-date, compared to an 8.0% drop for the S&P 500 Index. CVS Health, deserves a place on your watch list. The company runs America’s largest drugstore chain, a pharmacy-benefit-management business and 1,100 in-store medical clinics. Of these two, I like Realty Income best right now, thanks to its smart business model, take-it-to-the bank dividend record and monthly payout.

Source: InvestorPlace

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