Dividends4Life: Monthly Pay Dividend Stocks: Your Lists For January

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Three buy and hold lists featured below provided seven actionable conclusions. In order to make these conclusions, the January 8 monthly pay (MoPay) stock (1) yield and (2) upside potential lists were compared and contrasted against (3) a high yield (and higher risk) MoPay buy and hold fund, trust, and preferred list.

Ten monthly pay dividend equities showing the best yields in January represented three of the nine Yahoo market sectors: financials (Fins), basic materials (BasMat), and services. The top four dogs revealed by Yahoo Finance data were from the financial sector: Armour Residential REIT (NYSE:ARR); Full Circle Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:FULL); Orchid Island Capital Inc (NYSE:ORC); Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp. (NYSE:JMI).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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