Dividends4Life: Best Dividend Stocks For Retirement Income In 2016

This year my theme for dividend stocks in 2016 is big, strong and steady. In other words, I’m looking for stocks with a great personality and that are not only defensive in nature, but also carry useful competitive advantages to weather price / consumer storms as well as the ability to maintain (and even raise) their dividends. After the list, you’ll find is a short summary of why I like each company. It’s designed to be a short and sweet sound bite with as little financial jargon as possible.

Walmart (WMT) - The retail price leader is my top pick simply because it’s trading at 20% below its fair market value. Consolidated Edison (ED) - There isn’t much sex and sizzle when it comes to this utility behemoth. Apple (APPL) - While Apple isn’t the typical retirement income stock, its current share price offers retirees the opportunity to make up for the low yield with long-term growth. T. Rowe Price (TROW) - Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard get a lot of media attention, but I’m a fan of TROWs impressive history of dividend increases (28 years) and positioning with aging baby boomers.

Source: Forbes

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