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It is a pretty incredible thing if a public company can be so successful that it not only generates enough cash flow to return it to shareholders as a dividend, but does so every year for 25 years or more. If those same dividend stocks can actually hike that payout every year, that’s even more impressive. Such is the fine situation of a limited number of companies known as “dividend aristocrats.” Dividend aristocrats are often the cornerstones of the conservative, income or retired investor. These companies are able to consistently improve their payouts over time because of airtight financials, which usually speak to a wonderfully stable business.

I’ve tried to pick six dividend aristocrats that aren’t just great stocks or that have the highest dividends, but that form a quasi-fund of dividend aristocrats, designed to also provide diversification: Old Republic International Corporation (ORI), Chevron Corporation (CVX), Consolidated Edison, Inc. (ED), Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), T. Rowe Price Group Inc (TROW) and Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (APD).

Source: InvestorPlace

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