Dividends4Life: Have Fun Investing To Get Even More From Your Portfolio

Stay Motivated: How do we get motivated to start or stick with saving and investing? We know ‘it’s good for us’ is not an answer. We know it’s good to eat healthy, not stress out, stop smoking… Knowing is simply not enough for some (in fact, I suspect it’s not enough for most). To have a real impact on people who wouldn’t otherwise get started there has to be a different answer than what we hear all from all the traditional sources of financial information.

Have Fun: Can we make a dividend growth strategy fun? I mean fun all the time. It’s certainly fun when we get our dividends, and even more fun to reinvest them. It’s amazing when we get our dividend raises. In between those times it can be a real drag. Have you ever had a few months where you just helplessly watch your portfolio balance get lower? I know I have. Have you ever had to explain to your spouse why you keep adding money to your portfolio, especially when adding money to the portfolio doesn’t stop the end-of-the-month balance from being lower than the beginning? I know my wife asks if we should “just sell until the market is ready to go back up”. I suspect some of your spouses might not be so different from mine.

Source: ValueWalk

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