Dividends4Life: Highest Dividend Stocks - Current Offerings, and Why You May Want to Avoid Them

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High-dividend stocks sound like an obvious winner. You get a large dividend payment on a periodic basis that you can choose to take straightaway or roll over into further stock purchases in the company. What's not to like? Stocks that pay the highest dividends are not necessarily the best choice. There is more to the story than just a simple percentage or dividend yield. Let's drop back and take a more fundamental look at dividends in general.

Companies that are at the top of the dividend yield rankings are almost certainly not going to be able to sustain those dividends over time. If a company is making enough income to afford regular 10% dividends, constantly paying out 10% of the share price, are they investing enough money back into the business to maintain their growth rate? Few companies enjoy that sort of profit margin and when they do, they don’t usually enjoy it for long.

Source: Fox Business

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