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3 High-Yielding Dividend Duds to Ditch

Posted by D4L | Saturday, November 28, 2015 | 0 comments »

It has been a difficult year, to say the least, for income investors. The days of 5%-plus yield chasing and bargain buying have been few and far between this year. Blue-chip stocks and real estate investment trusts have risen to levels where upside potential is limited, leaving the very real risk of the decline in shares outpacing annual dividend payments.

Those who chose the master limited partnership sector for income have seen dividends slashed across the board, along with disastrous price declines year-to-date. But the actual bad news is that it is probably not going to get much better for income investors in 2016. The economy is not strong enough for the Fed to raise interest rates in a meaningful way. It is more important than ever that careful selection and analysis are used to avoid income securities with higher risk of loss. High-Yielding Dividend Duds: Cypress Semiconductor (CY), Avon Products (AVP) and Lexmark (LXK).

Source: InvestorPlace

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