Dividends4Life: Stocks That Double Their Dividends Beat The Market By 17%

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Finding stocks that have doubled their dividend was not streamlined. Indeed, I found no such stock scanner online. Thus, I determined to collect the stocks manually via search. Using terms such as "doubles dividend," I read articles discussing such stocks, collected their names, and then turned to the filings of the companies to both ensure that the companies have doubled their dividends and to collect the data for the study.

The easiest way to convert the results of this study to an actual trading strategy would be to simply invest in companies that double their dividends - treat the doubling of a dividend as a buying signal and hold on for at least one year. Of course, if you are generalizing this study, you would probably want to avoid the agriculture industry. More likely, as a Seeking Alpha reader, you are inclined to perform your own in-depth fundamental analysis on a stock before investing in it. Thus, I would urge you to keep your eyes peeled for companies that have made declarations to double their dividends. An easy way to do this is to use Google Alerts.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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