Dividends4Life: Preferred Stock Market Q3 2015: Investment Grade Preferred Stocks Available Below $25

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Income investors are focused like a laser on the Fed and its interest rate deliberations with those holding unrated shares (i.e. those that offer no Moody's rating) being much quicker to bail out as the threat of a rate hike approached on September 17. Preferred stock buyers view a period of falling prices as a time to buy more dividend-paying shares while price speculators applying value investing strategies to an income investment generally view such a period as a time to sell.

Falling prices is great news for preferred stock buyers, but not so much for those who have treated an income investment using value investing strategies. These four securities, one from each of the four key quadrants depicted by the Preferred Stock Market Snapshot chart, are from four vastly different companies but are being very similarly priced by today's preferred stock investors: NuStar Logistics LP (NYSE:NS), Vornado Realty (NYSE:VNO), Hanover Insurance Group (NYSE:THG) and JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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