Dividends4Life: Income Investors Can Ride High With These 2 Stocks Averaging 5% Dividend Yields

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Theme parks aren't usually associated with investing, but there are two theme park operators that could be hidden gems for income investors. Cedar Fair LP (NYSE:FUN) and Six Flags Entertainment (NYSE:SIX) are worthy of consideration by any investor who likes dividends. That's because Cedar Fair and Six Flags provide hefty dividends of 5.5% and 4.5%, respectively, for an average yield of 5% for the two. Cedar Fair offers an even higher dividend yield than Six Flags because it's structured as a partnership. As a result, Cedar Fair can pass along an even greater amount of its cash flow.

These businesses are doing very well; both wrapped up a highly profitable key summer season. As the U.S. economy gradually improves, the housing and labor markets recover, and with low gas prices, consumers have more money to spend. That has led to higher guest traffic and higher per-guest spending at Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks around the country. In turn, the companies are sharing a bigger slice of profits with their investors through these hefty dividend yields.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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