Dividends4Life: 50/50 Portfolio (BDCs And mREITs) Q3 2015 Update - Exceeding Income Projection Changes Retirement Date

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With only a few years from retirement, I have determined a typical 3% to 4% low-yielding portfolio could not get my passive income to a level where I needed to be for a smooth employment to retirement transition. At my current balance, it would require 20 years of accumulation at these low yields to get a 10% yield that I achieved during my first year. The bottom line for designing this portfolio was the income required to pay expenses during retirement with the added bonus of reinvesting surplus income.

This is a very unique portfolio consisting of 50% BDCs and 50% mREITs that I believe will withstand bull and bear markets over time. BDCs in general outperform when the markets are flat to up, and mREITs outperform when markets are flat to down. Both types of investments are RIC (Regulated Investment Companies) pass-through investments that are not taxed at the corporate level, but pass taxable income to investors. They are required to payout at least 90% of their income to investors.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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