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5 Eye-Opening Dividend Quotes

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Dividend investing is a robust investing style. Dividend stocks have outperformed non-dividend paying stocks over the last 85 years. Strangely, there are few well-known quotes about dividend investing. The reason for that is beyond me… But this article will help fix the dearth of dividend investing quotes. Keep reading to see 5 dividend investing quotes that highlight the importance of dividends in your investing strategy.

“The good thing about the dividend-paying stocks is, first of all you have stocks, which are real assets if we have some inflation. I think we’re going to have 2%, 3% maybe 4%. That’s a sweet spot for stocks. Corporations do well with that. It gives them pricing power. Their assets move up with prices. I’m not fearful of that inflation. – Jeremy Siegel

“The very attention we place on rising dividends puts us squarely in the position of ‘owners’ of a company, of true investors who understand that a satisfying and reasonable return from a stock investment isn’t a gift of the market or luck or the consequence of listening to some market maven, but it is the logical and inevitable result of investing in a company that is actually doing well enough, in the real world, to both pay dividends and to increase them on a regular basis”. – Lowell Miller

Source: Insider Monkey

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