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Why Every Investor Should Hold Dividend Stocks

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A company dividend is one of the cornerstones of capitalism. When a company is cash-flow positive for a reasonable length of time, it gives management an opportunity to reward shareholders for their loyalty in the form of a dividend. Some investors may wonder why investing in dividend stocks is often considered an essential part of holding a long-term diversified portfolio. After all, is receiving a few cents per share really much to get excited about? Investing in dividend stocks goes way beyond just the dividend element of the company.

"Dividend-paying stocks can be an important component in an investor's portfolio, providing income, the potential for appreciation and diversification benefits that may reduce portfolio volatility," says Dan Kern, chief investment officer and president of Advisor Partners, an asset management firm in Walnut Creek, California. It's that potential for appreciation that can sometimes be lost on investors who only concentrate on seeking dividends. Yet the reason dividends are being paid is because a company's earnings can support it, which in turn means the company's stock price likely has been rising over time.

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