Dividends4Life: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Find the World's Best Dividend Stocks

If paying real cash to shareholders repeatedly is the sign of a strong business, paying more and more cash each year is perhaps the strongest sign of all... Last week, I shared the cure for stock market volatility... and explained the importance of collecting steady dividend payments. In short, stock prices may go up or down. But if you invest in a special type of dividend stock, the income streams only go in one direction: Up. And they go up year after year, no matter what crisis the news is talking up this week. So... How do you find these stocks?

Luckily, all it takes is the simple click of a mouse. Below, I'll show you a simple dividend-investing shortcut that will help you find the world's greatest dividend stocks... Let's get started... Financial services and research giant Standard and Poor's (S&P) maintains an index of companies that have not only paid consistent dividends, but have increased their dividend payment each year for the past 25 years. They are called the "Dividend Aristocrats." And for investors who reinvest dividends, this effect of growing dividends is even stronger. You are taking dividends to buy more shares of a company that is constantly paying bigger dividends... with which you can then buy even more shares. As a result, the index outperforms the market handily...

Source: Daily Wealth

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