Dividends4Life: Take Calculated Risks to Profit From These 5 Dividend Stocks

There's nothing wrong with abhorring risk. If you just want to preserve your capital, sit back and collect a check, Treasuries are fine. But with 10-year Treasury notes yielding just 2.3 percent, you'll be lucky to keep up with inflation. Truly growing your nest egg can only happen through taking some risk, and you'd be hard-pressed to find stocks with the risk/reward profiles of these five blue-chip dividend stocks, each of which yields more than 2.3 percent.

Johnson & Johnson (ticker: JNJ). Johnson & Johnson, long an icon in corporate America, remains elite after strong second-quarter results. The Coca-Cola Co. (KO). Ignore Coca-Cola stock at your own risk. Its humble beginnings trace back to 1886, when a quirky Georgia pharmacist dreamed up a delicious, sugary beverage that sold about nine servings a day. Today, Coca-Cola serves up an estimated 1.9 billion daily servings around the globe. Chevron Corp. (CVX). Chevron is another mainstay of the American economy, with roots in the 19th century and ties to John D. Rockefeller's sprawling oil empire. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). A highflier in the 1990s, Microsoft stock has suffered through decidedly ho-hum performances in recent memory. Cisco Systems (CSCO). Another go-go tech stock from the 1990s that's since cooled its jets, Cisco Systems is now a dividend dynamo.

Source: usnews.com

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