Dividends4Life: Investing in dividend stocks?

Investing in dividend stocks?

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Q: I HAVE been thinking where to invest my savings for my retirement. The yields on money market have been low for some time. I wanted to invest in equities for higher returns but I am afraid that I may lose my capital. Are there other ways for me to invest that will give me higher returns?—Krizzha Ligo by e-mail

A: If you are looking to invest in equities that pay regular income with good upside potential for capital appreciation, investing in dividend stocks is the way to go. The current market downtrend amidst falling inflation and low interest rates offers a lot of opportunities for dividend stock investing because when share prices fall, dividend yields rise. Buying dividend stocks is similar to investing in real estate that pays monthly rental income or buying long-term bonds that pays quarterly interest income. The difference is that in dividend stocks, your returns are higher. Dividend stocks are ideal for long-term investors.

Source: Inquirer.net

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