Dividends4Life: My Rules For Creating An Optimal Dividend Growth Stock Portfolio

If you are retired as I am and are looking for a regular income stream to supplement pension and social security benefits, part-time work, annuities, and investment withdrawals you might want to consider creating a diversified portfolio of dividend growth stocks of companies with a long history of steadily increasing payouts, that are growing earnings, are reasonably valued, have low debt levels, and offer a relatively high current yield.

The guidelines presented herein are based upon my 30+ plus years of investing experience and research and are what I call my "rules for an optimal dividend growth portfolio", which will compliment the portfolio of dividend stocks I already own. The six (6) selection categories are: 1. dividend and earnings growth history over the previous five (5) years (or longer) 2. current valuation, 3. yield, 4. payout ratio, 5. debt, 6. Other factors (including diversification, industry outlook, recent news).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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