Dividends4Life: Japan: Land Of The Rising Sun - And Rising Dividends

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This year's Japan Dividend Stream-measured in the local currency, the yen-set a new record of ¥9.03 trillion.1 This number is almost double what the Dividend Stream was at its bottom in 2010. The growth in dividends reflects the increased profits of corporate Japan, as well as companies' better balance sheet management.

Over the last three years (since the 2012 Index screening), Japan dividends are up 56% when measured in yen, but they are down 1.6% when measured in U.S. dollars. This change in the exchange rate over the last three years shows how much currency can detract from the experience of local markets. In fact, in U.S. dollar terms, the 2015 dividends were lower than the 2014 dividends and even lower than the 2012 dividends, before Prime Minister Abe was elected at the end of 2012 and ushered in new economic initiatives aimed at restoring growth in Japan.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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