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Five Dividend Stocks With Goliath Potential

Posted by D4L | Thursday, July 23, 2015 | | 0 comments »

In spite of what’s happening across the euro zone and Greece, in the intermediate-term the markets are anticipating rising interest rates. That means dividend stocks are in the hot seat. The current “logic” (if you can call it that) implies that companies yielding around 3% should be most susceptible to being replaced by bonds. Apparently 3% is the most likely yield that would entice the bond refugees back to their native asset class. We can see this concept playing out already in the stock market, as large companies that have been paying hefty dividends in the 3% range have generally underperformed the market. I would expect this trend to continue as long as we are thinking that interest rates will rise.

Here are some of my top Davids that may turn into Goliaths, all while slipping under the current market scrutiny of selling pressure: Southwest Airlines(LUV), Aetna (AET), United Health (UNH), Danaher (DHR) and MasterCard (MA). These top five potential “Goliath” dividend payers will take time to grow. But if you have a reasonable investment horizon, and value financial integrity they may very well be worth considering.

Source: Forbes

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