Dividends4Life: 3 Stable Dividend Stocks for Beginning Investors

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There's nothing like getting paid by a big company. That's what happens when we invest in a stock that hands out a dividend: the company distributes a portion of its take as a direct payment -- usually, but not always, in cash -- to its shareholders. Theoretically, this adds to the appeal and value of the company's shares. For those just starting to invest in equities, putting money in firms that pay regular dividends (typically on a quarterly basis) is an excellent way to start drawing tangible returns quickly.

With that in mind, we asked three Motley Fool contributors to each pick a stock they believe is positioned to keep spitting out dividends for their shareholders. Read to on to see which stocks they chose. Keith Noonan (Microsoft): Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) has established a reliable history of payouts and has significant room for dividend growth -- two factors that make it a great stock for those new to dividend investing. Andres Cardenal (PepsiCo): When you are taking your first steps in the market, it's important to go with companies you know and understand. Eric Volkman (3M): A good place for investors to start looking for stable, income-producing stocks is the list of Dividend Aristocrats.

Source: Motley Fool

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