Dividends4Life: Why Income Investors Should Buy These 4 Dividend Stocks Instead Of Dividend ETFs

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Dividends are all the rage these days. Of course, there's very good reason for this, since dividends have been historically proven to meaningfully boost investor returns over time. Plus, who doesn't love to get paid to do nothing? In this zero-interest rate world, investors are starving for yield, which has led many to the wonderful world of dividends.

Rather than pay someone else to invest my money in the so-called dividend funds that barely yielded more than the broader market, I could simply buy individual dividend stocks. Indeed, a cursory review of these two ETFs' holdings reveals they own many large, well-known dividend stocks that investors could easily buy individually. The VIG's core holdings include the healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) and consumer products stock PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) while the SDY's core holdings include the telecom behemoth AT&T (NYSE:T) and healthcare REIT HCP (NYSE:HCP).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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