Dividends4Life: Retirees Should Consider These 3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Stocks

Investors in retirement or preparing for retirement have different needs than younger investors. Retired investors require a unique mix of safety, income and growth from their investments. Dividend income supplements Social Security and other income in retirement. Income is not the only aspect of a successful investment, however. Growth is just as important. Investors in or near requirement should demand their investments grow dividend income at least as fast as inflation - and hopefully much faster. This gives you a boost in your standard of living each year.

The three stocks in this article all have paid steady or increasing dividends for 30 or more consecutive years. They all have exceptionally low stock price standard deviations. These 3 businesses also have strong competitive advantages that insulate them from the worst effects of recessions. In short, these are 3 high quality businesses that score high marks for safety: General Mills (GIS), Southern Company (SO) and Kimberly-Clark (KMB).

Source: The Street

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