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Dividend Growth And Buyback ETF

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Stocks and ETFs with a high dividend payout and increased buyback have always been investors' darlings. With a low interest environment commanding most developed economies, including the U.S., these products have been in vogue for the last couple of quarters. A spate of downbeat U.S. economic data released lately again pushed back the timeline of the Fed rate hike. This has brightened the appeal for dividend-focused ETFs even further.

Since the trend of returning earnings to shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks is expected to continue over the coming days, we have presented two ETFs that focus on enhancing shareholder value. This way investors would have a clear idea about how these ETFs have performed lately and the one which is leading the way. We have come to know that the performance of the buyback ETF has surpassed the dividend grower. Given the narrow difference between the two ETFs, we find both products as solid picks for the long term, though the buyback ETF appears better positioned at the current level.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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