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3 Preferred Stocks to Own With 6% Dividends

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Readers of my column know that I love preferred stocks. I think they provide great dividend yield with minimal additional risk compared to bonds. While fixed income investors have been toiling in the wasteland of low bond yields for years, investors in preferred stock have been enjoying higher yields, some capital gains and are sleeping well at night.

Regardless, the stability of preferred stocks for shareholders, in a period where interest rates aren’t likely to rise much, is very attractive. Take a look at these three possibilities: Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE) is one of several preferred stocks that only recently came on my radar. Aspen Insurance Holdings (AHL) is a multi-line insurance and re-insurance company with an international presence, with “A” ratings issued by Standard & Poor’s and A.M Best. Colony Capital (CLNY) came on my radar only because I happened to sit next to the CEO of one of its subsidiaries on a plane flight last year.

Source: InvestorPlace

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